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TOSHIBA MK1003GAL (HDD1262) 10.0GB 1.8-inch HD Ipod HARD DRIVE

TOSHIBA MK1003GAL (HDD1262) 10.0GB 1.8-inch HD Ipod HARD DRIVE
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10.0GB 1.8-inch HDD
MK1003GAL (HDD1262)

MK1003GAL Toshiba introduces a 10GB 1.8-inch embedded HDD, the MK1003GAL, for design into a variety of mobile "biz-zumer" products that demand significant, reliable storage. The new mini-drives offer consumer electronics and PC manufacturers the right mix of compact size, shock tolerance and power consumption for today's capacity-hungry mobile computing and digital gadgets - such as music players, handheld PCs, PDAs, wearable computers and laptops.

This hard drive has been in my iPod and is in working condition.

  • Lightweight, only 51 grams
  •  Low Power Consumption
  • 15ms Average Seek Time
  • 100MB/s Ultra DMA Transfer Rate
  • 300,000 MTTF Hours

MK1003GAL (HDD1262) 10.0GB 1.8-inch HDD

Data Storage Physical:
Per drive, formatted10.0GB
Number of Disks1
Number of Data Heads2
User Data Cylinders23,080
Logical Configuration:
User Sectors/Track at zone 063
Logical Blocks (LBA)


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