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fr APPLE A1045 A1078 A1148 E68043 M9325 M9325G/A akku laptop

fr APPLE A1045 A1078 A1148 E68043 M9325 M9325G/A akku laptop
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100% new high quality generic
(non-OEM) battery pack
Chemistry :
Voltage :
Capacity :
Battery Cell :
6 Cells
Battery Power :
Run Time:
Dimension :
120.50 x 83.60 x 19.30 mm
Weight :
422.41 g
Color :
Condition :
Brand New, Factory Package.
Warranty :
Full one year ( 12 Months )
Think about this! Unlike most sellers on eBay who offer a 30 or 90 day warranty, our products come with a FULL ONE YEAR warranty! We can do this because we provide our customers with Top Grade Products. We believe you will be smart enough to make a wise choice!

Replace Code :
APPLE 661-2927 A1045 A1078 A1148 E68043 M9325 M9325G/A M9325J/A M9756 M9756G/A M9756J/A battery pack.
Fit Model :
APPLE 15-inch Aluminum PowerBook G4 Series
APPLE A1106, M8980J/A, M8980LL/A, M8981J/A, M8981LL/A, M9421, M9421LL/A, M9422, M9422LL/A, M9676*/A, M9676B/A, M9676CH/A, M9676F/A, M9676HK/A, M9676J/A, M9676KH/A, M9676LL/A, M9676TA/A, M9676X/A, M9676Z/A, M9677*/A, M9677B/A, M9677CH/A, M9677F/A, M9677HK/A, M9677J/A, M9677KH/A, M9677LL/A, M9677TA/A, M9677X/A, M9677Z/A, M9969*/A, M9969B/A, M9969CH/A, M9969F/A, M9969J/A, M9969KH/A, M9969LL/A, M9969TA/A, M9969X/A APPLE MacBook Pro
APPLE PowerBook G4 15-inch Combo drive
Product Guarantee :

Manufactured By Hi-Capacity power products.
100% OEM Compatible Equivalent.
Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.


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